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Susi Lodola
The Story
I was born in Vienna, Austria and have been in Ireland for over 25 years. I decided to go back to college aged 46 (10 years ago -oops) after my 3 children had been raised and I wasn't sure what to do with the rest of my life. I was really terrified as I thought they probably will send me home by the end of the first semester as I won't be able to keep up with the studying. As it turned out, I studied for 8 years, studying psychology, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. I started my business as a Psychotherapist in 2016 and opened my own clinic in Dublin. I offer counselling to adults and teens as well as give talks on mental health issues in schools and companies. In addition, I have developed a weight loss programme that is based on helping people get their mindset right using cutting-edge psychological tools and follow a healthy nutritional plan. This programme came about based on my own experience of weight loss. I have struggled most of my life with weight and at age 52, I decided it's time to try one last time to get healthy and lose weight. I was no different to many women that come and see me to help them lose weight, as many get to a stage in their life when they think "what's the point now, I have tried everything and now I don't care anymore, I'm too old". I was no different, but I thought I will try one more time. I followed healthy nutrition without any gimmicks, just good healthy wholesome food and cut out sugar and reduced starchy carbohydrates. It was the plan that worked for me and I lost almost 7 stone over a period of one and a half years. I am my brand and I use my name as my business name. It took some time for me to step into my brand, but at the end of the day I help people who are stuck in life and need help with finding their way, and my own experience has shaped my way of working with people.
Best advice given
Step into your brand and own it.
Business day
I check my diary in the evening and write a few things down of what I want to achieve the next day.
Mind yourself...
I limit the number of consultations I do in a day, as a therapist that is really important as burn out rates are very high.
Staying in the present moment and fully focus on the here and now.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Getting the keys to my clinic.
Funniest moment
Not sure but hopefully no one is still laughing :-)
Find your passion and go for it!
A younger you?
Mary Robinson.
anthem for business
I have to get back on that one
"why" For business
My interest in people and their behaviours has led me to where I am now, and I suppose working for myself gives me the freedom to develop and move into directions which are important to me.
other jobs
Hotel receptionist, travel agent, full-time Mummy.
ALways do the best that I can in any given situation.
Having gone through life changes by returning to education as a mature student and losing weight gives me insight and helps me relate to my clients who are also looking towards improving their life.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Taking the stigma out of mental health issues and talking to a therapist. Opening and normalising the conversation around mental health.
get into your industry

Do it it's very rewarding!

People can find you
Gone with the Wind :-)
song to tell your story
Not sure
interesting facts

I am from Vienna, I love dancing, I can't sing

1,000 euros!
A weekend away with my family
unaccompanied concert
Sweet (quite some time ago :-)))