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Suzanne Murdock
The Story
The Hub Newry is a multi-site, creative, innovative & flexible coworking / shared office space to work & meet and is one of the first collaborative workspaces in Ireland, established in 2012. A business community and supportive environment for start-ups, freelancers, small businesses & community groups all from a variety of geographical backgrounds including locals from Newry, across Ireland, UK, Europe, US & Australia many of whom themselves have both large cross border and international client bases. The Hub is based in Newry centre with a very sustainable & ethical working ethos. It has a large community and charity driven network and partnership aspect outside of the office four walls.
Best advice given
Just go for it, there will never be a perfect time!
Business day
Give youself a mantra and countdown 5,4,3,2,1
Mind yourself...
Be true to myself and delegate / outsource to a specialist as much as possible (I didn't always follow this rule)
Don't procrastinate, just be yourself and do what you're brilliant at (but you have to love doing it)!
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Winning our first award in 2015
Funniest moment
"Bring a dog to work Fridays"
Just go for it, stop worrying about what others think, follow your creative juices.
A younger you?
Mostly creatives, Gardeners World - Monty Don, Nigella Lawson and historian / presenter Lucy Worsley
anthem for business
OMG I'll come back to that one!
"why" For business
I moved over to NI in 2009 and didn't know a sole (other than my husband). I had a lot of business skills and wanted to put them to use as well as be part of a community and connect with other micro business & freelancers. We'd seen the 'coworking' concept in other cities throughout Europe and given we were in the midst of a recession & people didn't necessarily want the overheads or isolation of an office lease we thought we'd give it a go!
other jobs
Corporate banking - relationship management, recruitment / headhunting, swimming teaching, charity fundraising
To make sure that no business owner or startup has the feeling of isolation. There is a community and support for everyone, most of the time someone else has experienced what you've experienced.
Connectivity, the personal touch, building relations, resonating with and solving pains for businesses.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I do a lot of work with Young Enterprise NI - supporting the next generation of business people and entrepreneurs, this is done through primary school programmes as well as 'The Company Programme Scheme'. For the last 4 years I've been lucky enough to be on the judging panel for these. Also very passionate in sustainability and community projects.
get into your industry
Be open to new ideas, good with people, keen to learn and you must have a 'can do' attittude.
People can find you We've 3 locations all based in Newry, Co. Down, central between Dublin and Belfast.

Bridget Jones
song to tell your story
Have to come back to that one.
interesting facts

I'm known for being the 'green person' - everything about me is green 

I'm obsessed with history 

Bit of an introvert but love being part of a community

1,000 euros!
unaccompanied concert
Bryan Adams