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Tricia Richards-Service, PhD
The Story

I wanted the name to say exactly what problem the company solves. The brand name I Need A Speaker tells the audience that we connect speakers with audiences.

Best advice given

Don't give up.

Business day

A few minutes of reflection before I get started helps plan my time and organize my priorities.

Mind yourself...

I connect with brilliant, funny, inspirational people.

Learn a little bit about everything.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Welcoming international users always makes me feel proud, because their engagement validates the need for the service offered by I Need A Speaker.

Funniest moment

That hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure that moment is coming.

Believe in yourself, follow your dream, and know that the only boundaries are those you impose on yourself.

A younger you?
I am inspired by all of the women who came before me ... who paved the way for equality and respect and opportunity.
anthem for business

Don't Look Back by Boston (because that's not the direction I'm going)

"why" For business

I Need A Speaker was founded to allow new voices to be heard, as well as to ease the pain of connecting speakers with event planners.

other jobs

I've been a newspaper reporter, a corporate communications officer, and a public relations consultant. My full-time job is a public relations professor.


My personal and professional mission is to amplify marginalized voices.

I Need A Speaker is not a traditional speakers bureau. It's the opposite. Event planners contact speakers directly, and there are no additional fees.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Aside from my family, I'm passionate about I Need A Speaker and its potential to help new people be seen and heard.

get into your industry

Take classes on public presentation, and develop expertise in the subjects about which you're passionate.

People can find you

Always dogs.
The Intouchables (French)
song to tell your story
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
interesting facts

When I was younger, I wanted to be a talk show host.
I lived in Ireland for a year, and I am homesick for it every single day.
My husband and I met in a library, and we were married in our local library.

1,000 euros!

I'd use it to travel to Ireland (I'm based in Pennsylvania, US). I miss my friends there, and it's the place where I have been happiest.

unaccompanied concert