10 reasons why you should join Women's inspire network!
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10 reasons why you should join Women's inspire network!

Samantha kelly

1. It's really affordable. It's only 20 euros per month and can be paid monthly and cancelled at any time! (You won't want to cancel though once you experience what it's like) 

2. It's all online so you can join the weekly webinars from your kitchen table or office or garden! No need to travel and take a lot of time from your business to attend a workshop. We cover everything from Sales training to Time management to Social media to self care! 

3. You get 30 mins with a mentor from our panel of mentors which include social media experts, SEO experts, Facebook ad experts, sales experts and many more. 

4. You get discounts for all kinds of services from being a member 

5. You get access to our private engaged and highly active Facebook group. (We have many leaders and journalists in there too). 

6. You have a chance to be the #AskTheExpert on #womensinspire hashtag which has a huge reach and takes place every Tuesday night on Twitter 10-11pm! 

7. We feature all of our members in our member of the week section. 

8. You have a chance to show your expertise by uploading blog posts like the ones we have here on this site! AND @womensinspireIE has over 15k followers and I have over 45k followers on Twitter so your blog post and brand is reaching a huge audience when we share it out! 

9. You get access to me more than anyone else. I'm often asked for speakers for events in different areas of expertise so I recommend members first especially when I know they are great at what they do. 

10. Our offline events (next one is April 10th), are always amazing and you get a huge discount on the ticket price when you are a member.

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WIN membership will get you exclusive benefits and connect you to a local and international business network that is social media savvy and build real relationships based on mutual support and you never know, you might build some real friendships also (this tends to happen a lot!).
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