4 Tips on Owning Your Business Story
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4 Tips on Owning Your Business Story

Dolores Andrew-Gavin

At times, you can lose touch with why you do what you do in your business. You may have set stringent goals and timelines in January because you felt you had to. However, you may find that these goals and timelines don’t really fit into your life.

Perhaps your personal situation has changed or your expectations required more time than you thought. Perhaps you have had to learn new skills to get to where you want to be. Or perhaps you are doing what you are doing for a long time.

Stopping and looking at where you are at is not a waste of time, in fact it can be the best time spent on your business.

Here are some tips to help you own your business story.

1. To really own your business story, you need to be clear on why you are doing what you are doing.  When you come from a place which is clear and to the point then it is easier to respond when someone questions you either positively or what you might consider negatively. This WHY can change slightly at different times of your life e.g. if you have children your WHY may change.  

Doing the exercise of owning your WHY you do what you do can really make you focus.   It may also help you realise an emotion that is holding you back that you can now own and learn from.       

2. Other people’s opinions of what you do are coming from their own personal perceptions! It is “their” truth. If they lash out at you, this can be hard to swallow but really when you work from your WHY and really own it, it makes these times easier to get through. You can pause and remember the WHY.

When you trigger someone by something you say you are reflecting to them something in themselves. You can use jealousy in a positive way.  It shows you something in someone else that you really want. If you can realise this about someone who lashes out at you, you can see that you have stirred their “story”. It can help you take it less personally.


3. If something feels good, it usually means it is good! Allow yourself room to pivot and change direction if this serves you better. Having too strong a grip on what you want something to look like can strangle better ideas from coming in! Perhaps something someone else is doing stirs something in you and you know it is something that would add value to what you do. Then go for it and allow it to weave naturally into your own process, in your own way.

No one other person will do things the exact same way as you. You are a unique individual with a unique WHY and you do what you do your way and with your own personality.   


4. Don’t be afraid to re-invent the wheel for yourself personally either. Don’t let thoughts like “I am too old” or “Nobody knows me so why would they buy from me” hold you back. You will come across people in life who are two steps ahead of you but, there will always be people 2 steps behind you too. Imagine how you could inspire those people to get to where you are. Your story of how you got to where you are can have an impact!

Look at what your story is and allow it to show you where you can pull the gems of wisdom out. This will set you free of old stories based on old paradigms. 

Build new stories to fulfil where you are now and based on your life without the judgments of others!


Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder IrishHealthHour, Author, www.themythicfairy.com Energy Therapist, Soul Care Practitioner,  Assertiveness Coach at www.celticsoulessence.com

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