5 Reasons To Attend the Women's Inspire Event
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5 Reasons To Attend the Women's Inspire Event

Melanie Boylan

We all have our motivations and reasons for attending events and conferences and you may not even really realise how important these can be.  You need to ensure you are not taking valuable time out of your day to go to a "jolly" I understand that completely of course. I am also a business owner and Mother so I get that your time can be precious.  Here are some possible motivations for you to come but these aren't exhaustive. 

Number One: What Can I Get out of Attending the Women's Inspire Event? 

You may find you gain a fresh perspective on your business by attending.  Sometimes being "in" your business means you don't see it the same way as your audience does.  It's an opportunity to look at your business introspectively and maybe gear change your business in such a way that you are more focusing on what you need to focus on.  I remember one event prompted me to look at my service delivery and branding.  I rebranded and refocused my business the following 6 months and my business has grown from strength to strength since. 

Number Two: People Buy From People 

If you have been fortunate enough to take part in the Twitter Parties online on a Tuesday evening then hopefully you have "met" a few people that have engaged with you there.  Attending this Event will give you the opportunity to actually meet them face to face and move that online relationship you currently have with them offline.  These Events have always been about building relationships.  They make you relatable and memorable. 

Number Three: Remembering What Motivated YOU to Start 

The event this year has an emphasis on Overcoming Challenges.  We all have our motivations to start our business, however over time these can change.  Sometimes it's important to take yourself back to your original motivation and it's not always money!  This event draws attention to the stresses that all business owners experience in running their own business and this time it will be discussing ways to improve your lifestyle and time management. 

Number Four: Meeting New People 

No matter where you are in your business from concept to much further down the line, we always benefit from meeting others who are a step or two ahead of us.  We get the chance to learn from them and hopefully avoid a few of the mistakes that they have made.  Speakers and attendees will all have their own stories by being at the event you get to hear them first hand and question them on a personal level.  There is only so much you can achieve in 140 characters, by being there you can create a rapport and get the "real story" behind peoples success. 

Number Five: Have Fun! 

Believe it or not we are ACTUALLY entitled to do this occasionally. We do deserve this and we do need it!  We all need to disengage, maybe more so these days as we have mobile phones and social channels that we constantly feed.  Many of the attendees will be Sole Traders and we are everything to everyone.   We rarely take out time for ourselves as it's normally about our Family and out work. 

This event is about You and how Women's Inspire can support you over the next year.  All you need to do is book your ticket and show up, they will do everything else! 

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