6 Steps For Protecting Your Skin In Winter
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6 Steps For Protecting Your Skin In Winter

Aoife Gallagher

Our clients often ask us how to maintain a glowing complexion in winter. Cold weather and central heating can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving you less than party ready! 

We've put together some top tips to keep you looking fabulous during the festive season:  1. Wear SPF daily, even in winter! Over 80% of the sun's rays can penetrate the clouds increasing your chance of wrinkles, sun spots(hyperpigmentation), and melanoma. An SPF 30 is ideal. You can even choose a moisturiser with a built in SPF. Recommended: Eminence Organics Tropical Vanilla SPF 32 

2.  Layer your skincare products like you'd layer your clothes. This helps to seal in moisture, reducing dehydration and inflammation. Here is an example of a morning and evening routine. Morning: Cleanse Apply a hydrating serum that's rich in antioxidants vitamins C & E Use a hydrating moisturiser with a built in SPF 30 Add two drops of facial oil to your moisturiser Liberally spritz hydrating mists throughout the day Recommended:  Eminence Organics Calendula Oil   Night: Cleanse Apply a nourishing serum, there are serums available to suit all skin types Use an eye cream that treats your main concern, eg. puffiness, fine lines Apply a couple of drops of facial oil directly to your skin or add it to your night cream Choose a richer night cream in winter for extra nourishment Recommended:  Eminence Organics Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream and Serum 

3. Be kind to your skin and avoid over exfoliation. Granular-based scrubs can irritate and if you're prone to rosacea or broken capillaries it's best to avoid them completely. Also, a lot of scrubs contain plastic microbeads which end up polluting our oceans. Acid exfoliants are your friend and can be done once or twice weekly. These are the best ones to choose for your skin concern: AHA's (e.g. Glycolic) are an effective exfoliant and help to boost collagen in your skin. Best if you've dry skin and for signs of ageing. BHA's (derived from willow bark) are best for oilier skins as they're oil soluble. They exfoliate and clean the pores, reducing blackheads and spots. Lactic and mandelic acids are best for sensitive skins and are the most hydrating. Recommended: Firm Skin Overnight Peel 

4. Make double cleansing your mantra! Cleanse your skin twice at night and your skin will love you for it. Choose an oil based cleanser first if you've dry skin or wear a lot of make-up. Remove with a warm face cloth. Repeat the process with the same cleanser or choose a cream or a gel facial wash. If using a facial wash ensure it's free from sodium lauryl sulphate at this strips your skin's delicate barrier making it more sensitive. Afterwards your skin will be soft, clean and ready to properly absorb your lovely skincare before bed. Recommended: Stone Crop Wash 

5. Take your time when cleansing your face at night and massage your skin firmly with upwards movements; lifting the muscles. This eases any tension on your face, increases circulation and aids in the removal of toxins to give a lovely glow. Bliss! 

6. Regular treatments can make a huge difference to your skin. Find a skincare expert who can recommend the right skincare and treatment plan to suit your needs.

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