Get your food in Focus!
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Get your food in Focus!

Karin Janssen

Social media has really helped to get more people to see your business. This might have opened a whole new market for you. However, social media also paved the way for all your competitors to have access to this market. How can you stand out in this environment that is so overwhelming?

Get your photography right!
I would love to share a few tips with you to help you improve your food photography. I will share my 3 key tips with you over the next few weeks.

This week’s tip on how to achieve a successful food photo shoot is to plan out the shoot.

Start getting inspiration from food photographers. Create a board on Pinterest with photos that you like. This will help you to discover a pattern of the type of images that appeal to you.

Your style of photography will also be impacted by your branding. What does your business stand for? Is it a trendy young urban vibe that you have going or more of a rustic, countryside getaway type of place? These are questions that you would need to ask before you set up your shoot. The images you are going to take are a reflection of your business and you want to make sure that you do it right.

Make a list of all the dishes that you would like to photograph. Do you want more than one dish in a photograph? How are you going to set it up that it will still have the focus on each individual dish? Are you going to use props?

Another important element of your planning is the time of day that you want to do the photoshoot at. As you will be using a mobile phone or a simple camera, you want to make sure that you get some good day light for your shoot. Ideally you would have access to a large window without direct sunlight. If it does have direct sunlight it might be better to take the photos later in the day when the sun is less powerful.

I’ll discuss the lighting and composition in more detail in the next post.

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