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Meet the women who have succeeded in their business at Women's Inspire Network which is a place of business networking for women. Hear all about the ups and downs and also learn some new skills along the way. Network with other women in business just like you! If you are thinking of starting a business or are already working from home or building your empire, come along to this National business networking for Women event!

WIN membership will get you exclusive benefits and connect you to a local and international business network that is social media savvy and build real relationships based on mutual support and you never know, you might build some real friendships also (this tends to happen a lot!).
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THe Blog
The blog
The Job Interview Process - Common Mistakes

An overview of the job interview process and common mistakes interviewers make with it. Did you know that asking "Are you married?" or "Do you have children?" in an interview could land you in trouble in Ireland? Have you ever offered someone a job during an interview or compared candidates to each other? If yes then this post is for you my friend. Read on....

Manager as Coach: 4 game changing skills to focus on

In the current modern world of work, the requirement for managers of teams to increase their coaching skills and adapt their leadership styles have never been more important. Especially where we have multiple generations working together and teams being more often remote, being able to build and sustain high trust environments is a top skill. Having a growth mindset will support managers and leadership to adapt to the continuously changing circumstance they are functioning within.

Janette & Deirdre
Kays Flower School, Dublin

We have gained so much knowledge from being involved and the support from the group is immense. It is through this group we have learnt how to increase our social media presence and it is our first port of call if we have a tech issue or need printing or graphic design work done.

Melanie Boylan
Stomp social training

I have been very lucky to build the friendships I have through WIN. Everyone who is in the group is not only in it for themselves, they want to support and create opportunity for others too.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin
Irish health hour

This is a  wonderful friendly network and one of the main benefits for me has been my ability to network with people nationally and internationally from the comfort of my home!!!  No need for travel expenses and the stress of school picks.   I asked Samantha could I start the Galway Branch of WIN and speakers have traveled from Donegal, Dublin, Limerick, Midlands etc to date and this is a great way to take online relationships offline.  I have made so many wonderful friends the length and breadth of the country through the Womens Inspire Network. AND the national events are top class with speakers, breakout sessions, and networking. 5* rating from me!

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